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Weaned Pig Specialist

About this Job:

We are hiring a full-time Weaned Pig Specialist. In this role, you’ll be responsible for early pig care along with other daily chores to ensure proper feed, water, air and overall pig care.


Care for Nursery Pigs:

  • Primary caretaker with responsibility for getting pigs started post weaning.
  • Feed with appropriate ration and method to ensure a strong start for the pig.
  • Maintain all water medicators with proper antibiotics and electrolytes.
  • Maintain proper pen environment and sort and treat pigs as necessary.
  • Monitor and report all health changes to Swine Manager daily.

Operate Finishing Unit:

  • Run feed lines and adjust feeders and waters when necessary.
  • Maintain proper pen environment.
  • Observe and treat pigs accordingly.
  • Power wash and disinfect buildings when emptied.
  • Monitor pits and run scraper weekly.
  • Dispose of dead pigs and be able to euthanize pigs when necessary.
  • Perform maintenance on the facilities, equipment, and ventilation systems to the best of your abilities.

Oversee Pigs on Finishing Sites:

  • Monitor pig health in finishers and recommend and carry out treatment in conjunction with veterinarian.
  • Move pigs from nurseries to finishers and monitor sort and pig density/pen.

Other Responsibilities:

  • Do weekend chores as outlined in the personnel manual.
  • Maintain accurate inventory sheets at all sites.
  • Be responsible for maintaining a high level of biosecurity between all buildings and sites.
  • Monitor and maintain compost pile.
  • Assist in other areas as needed.

Previous swine experience required and previous weaned pig experience preferred.
Desire and ability to work in a fast-paced environment, be innovative and adapt to change.
Excellent organization, accuracy, and attention to detail.


no high risk, SR-22 insurance
valid driver’s license

How to apply:

We offer a competitive salary (based on experience and qualifications), group health insurance, group dental and vision insurance, flex system cafeteria plan, and retirement and life insurance.

If you want to work with a growing and dynamic organization, please submit your resume by clicking on the BLUE “Apply for this Job” button. Please state Lanehaven Farms and the job title as the subject of your email application.