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Wean to Finish Supervisor

About this Job:

Oversees all swine production in company-managed, contract nursery, and finishing growers. Ensures that daily practices comply with company policies and relate to profitable swine production. Wean to Finish supervisor will oversee the health status of pigs in all the Wean to Finish flows. Establish and maintain production targets and goals.

Main Responsibilities:



  • Assist in recruitment of Field staff to service all of the contract growers and animals.
  • Effectively communicate job expectations, planning, monitoring, and appraising job results.
  • Ensure proper training and continuing education.
  • Oversees activities and schedules, and ensures weekly visits to all sites are being completed.
  • Work with service staff to develop short and long-term goals, as well as career development planning.


  • Responsible for the distribution of updates and Grower Handbooks.
  • Ensure grower compliance with EFI policies and develop a compliance system to track grower performance.
  • Maintains communications with growers.
  • Ensure all growers are PQA PLUS


  • Ensure that animal welfare, health, and husbandry standards of care are met.
  • Continually look for ways to improve animal performance.
  • Develop animal health strategies, as well as medication compliance and budgeting with veterinary staff.


  • Develop systems for preventing both common and catastrophic problems of economic importance to production.
  • Work with Human Resources and COO to develop a training program for improving and developing skills of the production staff.


  • Monitor data ensuring it is captured accurately, efficiently, and submitted to production staff in a timely manner.
  • Ensure on-site record systems are being accurately maintained.
  • Analyze data and implement ideas for production improvement.


  • Monitor barn efficiency.
  • Will be involved with wean pig flow and feeder pig flow.
  • Involved in getting feed charts to the feed mills and ordering nursery feed orders.


  • Supervise: Expenditures occurring in association with the servicing of the farms, Field Representatives, and Farm managers.
  • Determine methods for reducing costs associated with servicing farms

Other Responsibilities


  • Is knowledgeable about Production Department’s job descriptions and their duties.
  • Sets short, long-term, personal, and professional goals, and documents progress.
  • Creates a positive work environment for co-workers by leading by example.
  • Continually strives to expand knowledge in the swine industry and production.
  • Interacts closely and communicates with all departments, i.e. Feed, Transportation/Marketing, and Human Resources.

Swine experience is preferred

How to apply:

Apply online by visiting our website: www.eichelbergerfarms.com .

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