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Wean to Finish Production Educator

About this Job:

Position Summary: Trains and audits employees and contract partners of swine wean-finish production managed companies and relationships for Standard Nutrition Services as directed by the Senior Wean-Finish Production Supervisor, ensuring execution of swine production in accordance with budgets, protocols, and
procedures established by management.

Principal Duties and Responsibilities:
• Develops and trains protocols and procedures necessary for successful wean-finish management, including, but not limited to: sorting, feeding and watering, health treatments, ventilation, facility/site maintenance and environment, transportation, bio-security, and pig monitoring and care.
• Lead resource for on-site management (weighing, records compliance) of demonstration pigs in the LeeO system
• Monitors pig performance in facilities to identify and approve any necessary adjustments to health and feeding plan to meet pig flow requirements (i.e. health challenges requiring special treatments and/or nutrition adjustments).
• Performs diagnostic work where necessary and appropriate. Involves necessary consultation from Standard Nutrition Company nutritionist and approved veterinarians.
• Maintains communication and relationship with approved veterinarians assisting in herd health protocols and diagnostics.
• Evaluates employees and contract growers within managed pig flows identifying opportunities for training and development.
• Performs and participates in the development of biosecurity, animal welfare, and production auditing and evaluations regularly and assists in communication of such to management and ownership.
• Collaborates in development of swine production protocols and procedures approved by Management for promotion of acceptable animal husbandry practices and pig flow management.
• Utilizes and trains on platforms such as the Feed Allocation System(FAS), Barn Vista, Smartsheet, or other platforms as developed, enhancing ways to provide relevant information to collaborate with sustainability requirements such as water, energy, and antibiotic use.
• Ability to troubleshoot, audit, teach and train on ventilation, routine repair and maintenance (brooders, heaters, feedlines/motors, controllers, curtains, etc.)

Additional Duties and Responsibilities:
• Regular, consistent attendance is essential to the function of this position.
• Supporting, promoting and adhering to company policies, procedures and values.
• Follows all bio-security measures possible according to Standard Nutrition Services Bio-Security Policy.
• Creates a positive work environment for co-workers by example.
• Follows all safety rules and practices and encourages coworkers to do the same.
• Other duties as may be assigned to fulfill responsibilities of this position.
• Attending scheduled meetings and training meetings.
• Regular and routine communication with Senior Wean-Finish Production Supervisor


Skills and Abilities:
• Work effectively and proactively with a variety of personalities.
• Work effectively, calmly and respectfully with live animals.
• Ability to be a team player and assist other areas as needed.
• Must have strong cleanliness habits at all times.
• Detailed and organized.
• Proficiency in basic reading, math and computer skills. Proficient in Outlook, Word, Excel, and web-based platforms
such as FAS, Barn Vista, & Smartsheet
• Must display a professional image through verbal communication and actions.

Working Conditions: Duty performance is almost exclusively in a hog confinement in rural areas. Hours of work are generally schedule around good livestock husbandry needs as wells as during regular business hours. This position requires the ability to respond as needed to animals needs and does include occasional evenings hours, weekend hours,
and holiday hours. There will be some variation in work hours due to animal care and health, weather, employee shift schedules, special projects, and other concerns. Hours average 50 hours per week. Noise levels that require hearing
protection in some areas.

Physical Requirements:
• Standing, walking and ability to be on feet while on concrete 8 to 10 hours per day.
• Frequent bending, reaching, squatting, stooping, and kneeling.
• Frequent use of one or both hands/arms to grasp, push, pull, lifting of objects weighing 3-50 pounds
• Ability to climb ladder approximately feet 15-25 feet in elevation.
• Occasional bending while lifting/pulling 50 pounds to 100 pounds of force to move an object with or without the
assistance of another person.
• Ability to communicate effectively verbally and in writing.
• Must be able to print and/or write legibly.

Equipment/Instruments Used: Syringes, needles, scalpel, sort panels, disinfecting chemicals, hand held computers, personal protection equipment such as goggles, ear protection and face shields.

Experience: 3+ years of livestock experience with some college or technical schooling preferred.

Trainings: PQA+ and TQA+ certified, Safety Trainings, Group Trainings, Monthly Supervisor Meetings.

Additional Requirements: A qualifying insurable driver’s license must be maintained as a company vehicle may be available. Company will provide a stipend for personal cell phone. Accurate logs, bio-security, personal use and occupancy compliance expectations must be followed. Position may involve performing duties of absent employees to ensure proper animal husbandry practices. May involve occasional overnight travel.

3+ years
How to apply:

Click on the BLUE “Apply for this Job”button to email your resume. Please state Standard Nutrition Company and the job title as the subject of your email application.

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