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Sow Farm Unit Manager

About this Job:


The objective of the Sow Farm Manager is to effectively manage and maintain a successful sow unit operation. This is a position of high responsibility and will require the ability to directly lead and manage the farm production team to meet production goals effectively and efficiently.


Key Abilities

· Reading and writing skills

· Basic computer skills

· High attention to detail

· Basic math skills

· Must function as a team player


Physical Job Requirements

· Frequent lifting of 5lbs up to 25lbs

· Occasional lifting in excess of 25lbs up to 75lbs

· Ability to resist 25lb pressure hose for extended duration routinely throughout work week

· Requires a lot of physical movements such as bending, stretching, walking, squatting, pulling, pushing, lifting and working on your feet.


Work Environment

· Loud

· Dusty

· Live interaction with large and small animals


· Develop and delegate weekly work activities.

· Train, develop, and mentor production team.

· Oversee new employee training and orientation.

· Conduct performance evaluations for farm staff (60 days and annually).

· Ensure farm staff, visitors, and contractors follow internal and external biosecurity protocols at all times.

· Ensure complete, accurate, and legible records from production team.

· Turn in production records and other reports by appropriate deadlines.

· Responsible for maintaining all production targets (breeding and wean age)

· Oversee and coordinate completion of special projects on the farm.

· Coordinate quarterly blood tests with Sow Production Manager.

· Oversee proper nutrition, welfare, and medical treatment for animals.

· Conduct monthly safety trainings and ensure all farm staff and visitors follow company safety procedures.

· Attend periodic production and training meetings. (May require occasional traveling.)

· Maintain accurate and necessary medicine inventory.

· Responsible for responding to alarm calls after normal work hours in event of farm system malfunctions.

· Review and approve time cards by payroll deadlines.

· Maintain good communication with production team through periodic meetings and by timely addressing production team questions and concerns.

· Establish and maintain open communication with company management team.

· Ensure production tasks and company policies are adhered to as outlined in company manuals.

· Keep Sow Production Manager informed of farm matters.


Other Responsibilities

· Regular and reliable attendance

· Other duties as assigned.

1 to 3 years of swine production management preferred.
How to apply:

Apply online at www.eichelbergerfarms.com or call 319-256-6912 ext. 258 for more information.

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