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Sow Farm Manager

About this Job:


The Sow Farm Manager is responsible for overseeing the daily aspects of the swine sow unit, including, but not limited to maintaining breeding/farrowing targets, daily AI, semen inventory and delivery, individual sow and piglet care, feeding, weekly farrowing, herd health and vaccination program, nutrition, isolation and acclimation of replacement gilts, staff development, and record keeping. Candidates that are Bi-lingual is helpful and preferred.



Eligible for health, dental, vision, life, short- and long-term disability, 401K, PTO & holiday pay on the first of the month following 60 days of employment.




Assist Sow Service Manager with farm budgets and department budgets.

Manage and evaluate all farm employees and perform evaluations with Department Managers.

Manage and maintain farm production records.

Manage and maintain whole farm biosecurity standards.

Manage and perform dead pig removal.

Manage feed ordering and delivery.

Monitor and order medication, semen, and supplies for all departments.

Monitor department environmental controls.

Monitor health issues and report to Company Veterinarian.

Monitor pit and lagoon status and coordinate timely removal of nutrients with Environmental staff, farm owners, and pumping company.

Monitor working condition of back-up generator.

Routinely check and repair facilities and equipment.

Submit weekly accurate farm records to Production Records department.

Submit weekly wean pig projection to Sow Service Manager.

Daily Chores

Determine cull sows and transportation.

Maintain unit cleanliness.

Monitor semen delivery, inventory and expiration date of semen.

Monitor whole herd health.

Oversee all daily feeding of animals and chores, including checking waters, sow condition, building, and environment.

Breeding Department

Assist farrowing department personnel on weaning days.

Coordinate with Farrowing Department Head pre-farrow and post-farrow sow movements.

Manage gilt inventory and gilt flow.

Monitor 21 and 42-day heat checks and 28 and 50-day pregnancy checks.

Perform daily AI on sows and gilts.

Perform daily heat checks on sows and gilts.

Gilt Development and Isolation Facilities

Implement best gilt management practices (i.e. gilt breeding age and feed regiment).

Maintain department vaccination schedule.

Maintain isolation/acclimation of gilts.

Monitor department health status.

Organize gilt scheduling, delivery and movements.

Farrowing Department

Coordinate with Breeding Department Head pre-farrow and post-farrow sow movements.

Ensure accurate count of piglets being weaned to nurseries.

Ensure that genetic identification takes place at birth (tagging and notching).

Provide 5 week wean pig projections to Sow Service Manager.

Schedule piglet processing, vaccination, and weaning.

Piglet Development

Manage and monitor quality control of piglets to be weaned.

Manage non-select wean piglet move out and transportation.

Manage piglet cross fostering.

Schedule and organize wean piglet movement and transportation.

Schedule and perform daily piglet processing, including iron shots, tail clipping, and castration.

Schedule and perform daily piglet weaning and vaccination.

Employee Administration

Assist other team members with time management and production skill development.

Ensure that each employee understands the expectations and performance requirements for his/her job.

Instruct staff on all production record keeping.

Meet regularly with employees for production discussion and problem solving.

Teach staff to work as a team and lead by example.

Train all staff on NFP Policies & Procedures.

Business Management

Attend Quarterly Production meetings.

Monthly analysis and explanation of variance on profit and loss statements.

Participate weekly in sow farm manager conference call.


Create a positive work environment for co-workers by leading from example.

Define personal and business short and long-term goals.

Positively represent the company at work and in the community.



Able to independently schedule work activities.

Ability to communicate effectively and read/interpret procedure manuals. 

Ability to problem solve. 

Effective time management.

On call for emergencies, work two weekends/month and 3 holidays/year.



Associate’s degree (A.A.) or equivalent from two-year college or technical school in swine production; or two years related experience and/or training; or equivalent combination of education and training.



Interacts closely with Farrowing and Breeding Department Managers, Sow Service Manager, Director of Production, Nursery Managers and Weaned Pig Specialist, Production staff, and general office staff.



While performing the duties of this job, the employee is required to have ordinary ambulatory skills sufficient to move throughout the farm; and the ability to stand, walk, stoop, kneel, crouch, climb 4-foot gates, and manipulate (lift, carry, move) medium to heavy weights of 50-75 pounds. Requires good hand-eye coordination, arm, hand and finger dexterity, including ability to grasp. Frequently required to sit, reach with hands and arms, and communicate.

Other Requirements and Responsibilities

All other tasks and responsibilities as may be required by NFP.

Attend staff meetings and trainings as scheduled and required.

Follow all safety rules and practices and encourage co-workers to do the same.

Follow all applicable biosecurity measures per NFP policies.


Regular and consistent attendance.

2 years
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