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Sow Farm Assistant Manager

About this Job:

Christensen Farms is one of the largest, family-owned pork producers in the United States, marketing approximately 3 million hogs per year. Headquartered in Sleepy Eye, Minnesota, the company operates throughout the Midwest with facilities in Minnesota, Iowa, Nebraska, Illinois and South Dakota.  Christensen Farms owns four feed mills, manages 145,000 sows on 44 farms, and oversees more than 350 nurseries and grow-finish sites.  The company employs nearly 1,000 people and maintains 1,500 contract partnerships.

The company is vertically integrated with a strong presence across the pork value chain from farm to fork. Christensen Farms is the largest shareholder of Triumph Foods LLC, a producer-owned primary pork processing plant in St. Joseph, Missouri. In turn, Triumph Foods members own 50 percent of Daily’s Premium Meats, a specialty pork processor of bacon and other premium pork products.  Triumph Foods also holds a 50 percent partnership in Seaboard Triumph Foods, LLC of Sioux City, Iowa, a primary pork processing plant.

Position Overview:

The primary focus of the Sow Farm Assistant Manager will be centered on the care and welfare of the animals, as well as production efficiency, site care, and providing leadership and development opportunities to employees with a focus in Gilt Development, Breeding or Farrowing.

Major Areas of Responsibility:


  • Meeting stated production targets
  • Adherence to and enforcement of Animal Wellbeing policies
  • Appropriate diagnosis and response to health challenges
  • Adherence to and enforcement of environmental protocols
  • Adherence to and enforcement of Food Safety policies
  • Management of department inputs
  • Execution of all treatment and vaccination protocols
  • Execution of SOPs
  • Achieving set deadlines
  • Maintenance of site care and farm assets
  • Adherence to and enforcement of safety protocols
  • Adherence to and enforcement of bio-security protocols

Employee Management and Leadership

  • Seek out self-development opportunities and maintain ownership of your personal development plan
  • Timely resolution of conflict and/or disagreement with employees
  • Result reviews and discussion with employees
  • Prepare and manage weekly schedule based on priorities to achieve desired results
  • Scheduling of staff to accomplish set objectives and tasks
  • Responsible for taking part in interviewing and hiring decisions for the site
  • Orientation of new employees
  • Development and execution of training plans
  • Respond appropriately to performance of direct reports
  • Employee satisfaction and retention
  • Identify talent
  • Actively setting goals
  • Kronos Management
  • Department feed orders
  • Health Management execution of processes and protocols

Education: 2 or 4-year degree within an agriculture-based major is preferred.

Experience: 1 to 3 years of swine production management experience preferred.

Knowledge and Skills:

Ability to manage time and priorities in a fast-paced, changing environment.
Display a high level of professionalism and confidentiality.
Ability to work successfully with limited supervision.
Ability to recognize problems before they occur and take a proactive approach to resolve the issue.
Possess excellent problem-solving, leadership, and project management skills.
Ability to manage confrontational situations in a fair, consistent, and prompt manner.
Possess strong interpersonal and communication skills.
Proven ability to lead by example and positively influence a group of people.
Ability to maintain positive working relationships and support organizational processes and goals.

1-3 years
How to apply:

Apply online by clicking HERE or call 1-800-889-8531 for more information.

Or click on the BLUE “Apply for this Job” button to email your resume. Please state Christensen Farms and the job title as the subject of your email application.

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