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Senior Production Finisher Lead

About this Job:

Pillen Family Farms is a family owned business located in Nebraska.  We market approximately 1.4 million pigs annually.  Our pigs are raised in company owned farms in Nebraska and utilize our own company drivers and company owned feed mills.

This position will be responsible for leading and managing commercial numerous Finisher Farm Mangers who oversee approximately 60,000-75,000 spaces.  The position will support Farm Managers in their decision making process in order to hold farms accountable for measurable targets with a laser focus on pig, farm and people performance.  Specific responsibilities include but are not limited to business analysis and planning, development of annual operational targets as well as development of leadership and assistance in building farm team.

This position will be a key part of our leadership team and provide input and support.  This position will report to the Director of Finish Operations.


A Minimum of 5 years supervisory experience in nursery or finisher production. Previous leadership experience with large groups. The home base should be near Columbus, Nebraska or Norfolk, Nebraska.

5 years
How to apply:

To learn more about our business, please visit our website @ www.pillenfamilyfarms.com. If interested in applying, please fill out an application at our company website, or call 402-564-0407 ext. 216 for more information.