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Production Manager- Genesus Genetics

About this Job:


Genesus is growing. We are looking for a pig person to join our Genesus Manitoba team. Genesus is adding more genetic production and we are looking for a pig person to be Production Manager working with multiple nucleuses and multipliers.

You could be part of our Manitoba team, a key component of a Global Swine Genetic Company operating in 39 countries speaking 17 languages.

“At Genesus we are pig people, producing better pigs for pig people. For Genesus nothing is more important than partnering with motivated pig people.”
Jim Long President – CEO, Genesus Genetics Inc.

How to apply:

If you are a pig person who is looking for an opportunity to use your skills in a fast-growing dynamic swine genetic company please contact with resume:
Genesus benefits include competitive remuneration, company vehicle, and good health benefits program. For more information on Genesus please visit www.genesus.com

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