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Nucleus and Genetic Performance Testing Site Leader

About this Job:

This position is responsible for the oversight and management of a 750 head duroc nucleus farm,  1,600 head nursery and 4,400 head finisher near Hastings, Nebraska.

This position will be engaged in managing all daily activities/processes related to raising, testing, and selecting animals, in accordance with protocols and procedures established by the Company and its customers.  The position will lead a Team of 8 people and be engaged in recruiting, hiring, training, leading, planning, managing, coaching and mentoring.  This will also include the administration of all personnel-related functions, such as performance reviews, attendance, and disciplinary situations.


The Site Leader will establish and maintain open communication with all farm staff, production manager, veterinarians and the management team. This position will be responsible to monitor and maintain appropriate ventilation and room environments, as well as responsible for timely and accurate reporting of records. Finally, this position will ensure strict adherence to all established biosecurity principles.

How to apply:

If interested, please apply online @ www.dnaswinegenetics.com (or) call 402-564-0407 ext 216 for more information.

Or Click on the BLUE “Apply for this Job” button to email your cover letter and resume. Please state DNA Genetics and the job title as the subject of your email application.

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