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Kogan Research Assistant

About this Job:
Description of Work Unit
The Department of Clinical Sciences mission is to assure the health and productivity of animals to meet societal needs through high quality educational programs for professional veterinary medical students, graduate veterinarians, and the public through a faculty and veterinary medical center of excellence, and to advance and disseminate comparative biomedical knowledge in an environment of interdisciplinary collaboration.

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Position Summary
The GRA will work with Professor Lori Kogan on a research project that explores the experiences of swine veterinarians who worked during the time of the COVID-related swine depopulation. The GRA will partner with a team of psychologists to analyze qualitative interview data from both swine veterinarians who themselves helped with the swine depopulation and swine vets who didn’t have an active role in the swine depopulation.

Position Minimum Qualifications
Experience with some form of research
Good verbal and written communication skills

Preferred Qualifications
Previous qualitative and quantitative research experience

How to apply:

Apply online by clicking HERE!.

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