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About this Job:

  • Thoroughly understand JBS’s buying programs.
  • Discuss price, quality, problems, genetics and other related issues regarding the procurement program.
  • Maintain positive communication and relations with suppliers and livestock haulers.
  • Received and evaluate hogs as they arrive; sort off-quality and non-conforming hogs for resale.
  • Obtain accurate count of hogs being received.
  • Maintain and insure accurate identity of all hogs received.
  • Move hogs, using approved hog handling equipment and techniques, from trucks through sorting alley, to scales and to holding pens.
  • Assist livestock haulers, when needed, to insure humane treatment of hogs at all times.  This includes entering hog trailers to assess problems within the hog trailers and to assist haulers if a problem exists.
  • Insure humane treatment of live hogs from the time the delivering trucks enters JBS property through the time the hogs are slaughtered.
  • Prepare hogs for cutting test.
  • Attend meetings as determined and directed by supervisor.
  • Perform various other duties such as counting, sorting, tattooing, and washing, running skid loader
  • other duties as needed or assigned; such as perform as a back up supervisor when needed
  • Experienced in Animal science or Agriculture related field preferred
  • Knowledge and technical skills in a variety of yard jobs including hog knowledge (breeds, market, handling, etc.)
  • Great communications skills, both verbal and written
  • Excellent organizational, math and statistical skills
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Overall knowledge of the Yards Operation and the industry
  • Understand and comply with Company policy and procedures
  • Good work history and attendance
  • Team Player with leadership skills
1-2 years
How to apply:


TEL:(507) 372-6369 JENNIFER

      (507) 372-6318 ANDREA

      (507) 372-6388 BANGONE

Click on the BLUE “Apply for this Job” button to email your cover letter and resume. Please state JBS and the job title as the subject line of your email application.

OR complete and on-line application at jobs.jbssa.com.

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