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Gilt Developer Unit Lead

About this Job:

Objective: The “GDU Lead” owns every detail that affects the gilt from the day she walks off the trailer into quarantine until the day a catheter is inserted.


  1. Overall management of GDU including but not limited to:
    1. Maximize Feed Intake
      1. Feeder management — daily adjustments
      2. Feed ration management
  • Water — flow and availability
  1. Minimize stress events
  1. Ventilation Management
    1. Controller knowledge
    2. Air — flow, speed, and exchange
  • Set temp vs. actual
  1. Environment assessment – laying patterns, humidity, cleanliness
  1. Health Management
    1. Medication/vaccination schedule
    2. Treatment identification
  • Threshold communication
  1. Overall Flow Management
    1. Nursery management
      1. Incoming preparation
      2. Intensive monitoring
    2. Stocking density/square footage
  • Replacement rate, selection rate and timing
  1. Weekly targets — mortality, removals, HNS
  1. Inventory and Record Keeping
    1. Gilt Entry Protocol — ear tagging and recording within 7 days of arrival
    2. Daily movements into gestation barn, HNS events, mortality and culls
  • Weekly inventory tracking
  1. GDU Snapshot
    1. Boar exposure management
    2. Heat detection
  2. HNS row management.
  3. Understanding breed eligible targets.



  1. Depending on layout/size of farm — may cross over time/labor in gestation barn or other areas of the farm.

Training: Safety Orientation Video

How to apply:

Click HERE to fill out the online job application.

Click on the BLUE “Apply for this Job”button to email your resume. Please state Pipestone System and the job title as the subject of your email application.

For questions please call 507-825-2532 or 866-918-7378.

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