Gestation Lead

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Job Detail

  • Job ID 36203
  • Experience Prior experience preferred

Job Description


  • Company Paid Short Term Disability Insurance
  • Company Paid Life Insurance
  • 100% COMPANY PAID Medical Insurance
  • Low-Cost Share Dental and Vision Insurance
  • Simple IRA Match up to 3%
  • Paid Vacation
  • Paid Holidays
  • Production Bonuses
  • Service Recognition


Personnel Responsibilities

  • Collaborate with site manager and farrowing department supervisor regarding scheduling and daily personnel activities and workload.
  • Supervise all production tasks in breeding department and lead team in meeting production targets.
  • Train breeding department personnel how to successfully perform all tasks involved in the department.

Production Responsibilities

  • Coordinate matings with site manager and farrowing department supervisor to meet specified breed target.
  • Ensure fresh feed is available for all animals.
  • Ensure adequate water flow is available.
  • Ensure thorough heat detection of females.
  • Ensure adequate boar exposure to stimulate females.
  • Maintain correct environment for sows and boars.
  • Coordinate culling unproductive females with site manager.
  • Ensure proper and timely sow treatments and vaccinations.

Facility Responsibilities

  • Maintain proper bio-security in breeding department.
  • Ensure safe and neat work environment for all farm personnel.

Administrative Responsibilities

  • Coordinate data entry and recordkeeping for breeding department.
  • Submit production reports on expected schedule.


  • Knowledge of sow physiology, life cycle and factors affecting health and reproduction.
  • Knowledge of and ability to work with automated feeding systems.
  • Environmental requirements of females and boars.
  • Ability to communicate well with other breeding department personnel.
  • Ability to effectively lead and foster a team effort environment.
  • Respect and care for all animals and personnel.
  • Work with site manager to standardize production routines to work safely and productively.
  • Prior experience in swine unit breeding department and team leading experience required.


Dovetail is a new state of the art farrowing facility located in Lyman County, South Dakota. The farm is managed by Crosscut and consists of approximately 2,800 sows. It was built in 2019 with isolation and herd health being the top priority for locating the facility.

The facility was designed with a focus on minimizing animal and staff movements. Separate walkways for animals and staff will reduce the risk of injury and animal stress. The facility utilizes an indoor loading area without chutes to maintain a low-stress environment, especially in adverse weather conditions.

The compost facility has been designed for low-stress mortality removal. The design of the wean pig holding rooms and load-out pens allow the pigs to remain separated by gender, minimizing additional labor.      

  • Crosscut is family owned and operated.
  • Crosscut emphasizes teamwork, employee growth and opportunities.
  • Crosscut encourages all employees to provide input to improve operations.
  • Crosscut respects and values all employees.

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