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Farm Manager

About this Job:

Job Duties and Responsibilities:

    • Provide direct leadership to a small team of employees through effective communication, goal setting, and routine coaching of management behaviors.
    • Ensure consistent application of bio-security and safety protocols, pig care, feed ordering, monitoring herd health and the sorting and loading of animals for market delivery.
    • Collaborate with support divisions to ensure that facilities are maintained in such a fashion as to optimize the housing environment for the animals.
    • Ensure implementation of best management practices consistent with commonly accepted standards for animal welfare and conducted in a manner that safeguards the environment, protects worker safety, and maintains regulatory compliance.
    • Collaborate and closely align with other divisions in the business group to consistently and efficiently deliver best-in-class quality products and services to our customers.
    • Encourage and foster seamless working relationships with support divisions.
    • Execute a standard site auditing and corrective action system to identify and solve problems at the farm level.

Minimum Qualifications – Education:

High School (High School diploma or GED required.)
Bachelor of Science in Animal Science, Agriculture or related field preferred.

Minimum Qualifications – Experience:

3 years of previous experience in swine or other livestock production is required. Experience with direct employee supervision is preferred

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

1) Knowledge of

Animal science as applied in modern swine production systems
Best Management Practices for swine production
Information Management Systems for swine production
Quality Management Systems, Process Verification
Employee management Occupational safety policies and related program requirements
Fundamental financial drivers to enable sound decision making

2) Ability to

Lead, develop, coach and motivate others
Deliver uncompromising commitment to customer service
Make sound business decisions
Think strategically about pig production issues
Participate in technical discussions around pig production

3) Skills in

Clear and concise written and verbal communications
Organization, planning, and scheduling
Adapting to new and changing technology
Utilizing computer software tools

How to apply:

Apply online by clicking HERE!.

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