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Assistant Farm Manager

About this Job:

Principle Responsibilities:

  • Ensures animals are being cared for daily, including water, feed and management
  • Builds, leads, and trains successful team members to carry out assigned tasks
  • Complies with company Standard Operating Procedures (SOPS)
  • Assists in controlling costs associated with feed, supplies, and labor
  • Sets long and short term targets and goals for breeding and farrowing success
  • Maintains accurate number integrity for record keeping
  • Coordinates and oversees completion of special projects
  • Makes recommendations for operational improvements
  • Conducts safety training meetings and ensures employees are working safely
  • Performs general maintenance and upkeep of buildings, grounds and equipment
  • Maintains open line of communication with all team members including upper management
  • Complies with the practices and principals of biosecurity to safeguard the life and health of the animals
  • Ensures welfare of animals
  • Assists with other duties as assigned

Travel: Local travel – often 30 mile radius


Required Qualifications:
• Strong communication and listening skills
• B.S degree in Animal Science or equivalent is preferred

3-5 years related experience in swine production

Minimum of 1 year people management experience

A 2 year Associates degree in combination with 3 years previous experience managing or working in swine production

Demonstrated ability to solve problems and make decisions independently
Ability to effectively lead a team
Be a team oriented, self-motivated and positive individual with strong work ethics
Valid non-expired Driver’s License
Ability to efficiently multi-task in a fast-paced environment
Familiarity with common swine diseases and medications is preferred.

Preferred Qualifications: BS Animal Science
Bilingual – Spanish

3-5 years
How to apply:

Click HERE to fill out the online job application online.

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