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Animal Production Logistics Coordinator

About this Job:

Job Description:              

The Animal Production Logistics Manager is responsible for focusing on the following aspects: pig flow (wean to finish and feeder to finish), overstock movements, and the marketing schedule. The Animal Production Logistics Coordinator will report to the Animal Production Logistics Manager.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Establish, maintain, and communicate the pig flow, market schedule, overstock movements to all pertinent individuals.
  • Understanding and coordinating the flow of wean pigs from the sow farm to the finishing site.
  • Understanding of the pig growth chart as it relates to overstock movements and hog market weights.
  • Calculating the number of wean pigs to be placed into each finishing building and calculate the number of head to be moved at overstock movement to the feeder site.
  • Provide dispatch services for all live animal movements.
  • Provide technical direction (where applicable) for animal production, transportation and site selection for marketing while working closely with field service personnel, feed department, accounting department, site construction manager, sow farm managers, trucking companies, packing plants, etc., to achieve goals.
  • Perform process monitoring and work in a manner that promotes customer focus, teamwork and continuous improvement.  This could include process improvement opportunities.
  • Take appropriate action to ensure product specifications are met throughout the production and delivery phase.
  • Complete all pertinent paperwork, charts, job tasks and recording of all required data as determined by supervisor.
  • Responsible to communicate problems/issues to supervisor in a timely manner.
  • Assist with special projects pertaining to the finishing group.

All other duties as assigned.

Benefits and Pay:

  • Salaried position with wages based on qualifications, skills, and experience
  • Competitive health insurance package – health, dental, vision, short term disability, and life insurance
  • 100% paid retirement through Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP), paid by Cactus Feeders.

• Bachelor’s degree in either Animal Science or Ag related field (Requirement)
• 1-2 years’ experience in animal production or logistics (preferred, not required)
• Thorough understanding and ability to apply commercial swine production knowledge a (preferred, not required).
• Verifiable ability to navigate Microsoft Office products with an understanding that Microsoft Excel will be used daily. Knowledge of Microsoft Access a plus.
• Ability and willingness to be trained and work with company specific software.
• Be able to effectively communicate orally and in writing with other employees and company contacts in English.
• Demonstrated personal leadership, interpersonal effectiveness, and organization skills with the ability to take personal initiative and work effectively in teams.

Success Factors in the Position:

• Have a drive to hit targets by managing given processes and procedures.
• Able to take action in solving problems while exhibiting judgment and a systematic approach to decision making.
• Able to react to a work environment that will change day to day as unexpected things occur in the production system.
• Able to work with people in such a manner as to build high morale, create positive energy, and group commitments to goals and objectives.
• Self-motivated and dedicated to the company and organizational goals.

1-2 years
How to apply:

Apply online by clicking HERE!.

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