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Wean to Finish Manager

About this Job:

Cactus Family Farms is seeking a Wean to Finish Manager for north-central to western Iowa locations!

We are looking for an experienced Wean to Finish Farm Manager with at least 2 years’ experience in building and leading teams, training and development, excellent pork production skills and a strong commitment to animal care and well-being.

Cactus Family Farms is an Equal Opportunity Employer and offers one of the best benefit packages in the industry! We are 100% employee owned and retirement is 100% paid by the company. We offer excellent health, dental, vision, paid vacation/sick and holidays.

About the company: 

Cactus Feeders, Inc., headquartered in Amarillo, Texas, is a producer of commercial fed cattle and market hogs. Originally, founded as a family company in 1975, Cactus Feeders is now 100% employee-owned. Our 800+employees produce a million head of fed cattle and 800,000 market hogs annually, with gross revenues of over $1 billion dollars.  The company has cattle feedlots throughout the Texas Panhandle and Southwest Kansas with hog operations located in Iowa, South Carolina, and Georgia. 

ESSENTIAL DUTIES and RESPONSIBILITIES: Include but not limited to the following:

PRODUCTION: monitors production systems in units; address/resolve problems in – production and financial measurements, targets, and deviations; collection of accurate production data; interpretation and use of production data; pig health status/treatments and pig security systems; balancing needs and available resources; pig movements and sales; customer needs; works with Supervisor and site(s) Supervisors to standardize production routines; works with Supervisor and site(s) Supervisors to cut waste and improve systems; encourages site(s) Supervisors to buy at best cost; serves as team leader/member of a process improvement team as necessary; helps identify and meet customer needs

MANAGES/LEADS PRODUCTION STAFF: Helps HR interview and select production staff as necessary; helps train, supervise and support site(s) Supervisors; evaluates staff job performance and improvement; disciplines; gives Supervisor honest, direct input on farm staff performance;

Helps manage personnel issues – works with HR: Payroll data, Benefits, Workers Compensation; annual employee appraisals- updated job descriptions; problem Solving, conflict resolution, discipline; accurate and timely documentation and submission of related paperwork;

Trains and develops staff: Provides “big picture” perspective as it pertains to Wean-Finish; encourages personal leadership, worker cooperation and team work; teaches, models, and reinforces company values, business guidelines and procedures, desired work behaviors, and job safety practices; approves In-house training and ensures production staff attend training as appropriate; models proper thinking processes and desired work behaviors

Models, teaches, and reinforces proper pig production practices and general animal husbandry including: Basic farm duties – animal husbandry; farm security and health; nutritional requirements; Pig Flow; treating and vaccinating; recordkeeping; Job Safety; environmental and waste management issues

Timely and accurately completes applicable training checklists and paperwork

Promotes a safe work environment (CPR/first aid, air quality/hazardous communication program, body mechanics, fire/disaster)

MANAGES/MONITORS PROPER FUNCTIONING AND MAINTENANCE OF FACILITIES, MACHINERY AND EQUIPMENT: Monitors quality of facility management and grounds care; ensures and reinforces preventative maintenance of machinery/equipment; ensures training and safe operation of equipment; ensures Safety policies and procedures are understood and followed on

ADMINISTRATION: Assists supervisor with vision setting, planning, managing decisions, and farm production issues; keeps supervisor informed and updated; works closely with Supervisor and Environmental Compliance Manager to coordinate pumping plans with neighbors and pumpers; conducts employee annual appraisals, keeps job descriptions updated, gives input as requested.


ABIDES BY CFF’S VEHICLE USE POLICY INCLUDING, BUT NOT LIMITED TO: Valid Driver’s License and clean driving record; Safe/legal operation of company vehicle; Monthly reporting of mileage reimbursement to CFF for personal miles; Ensures proper maintenance of vehicle.

How to apply:

Click on the BLUE “Apply for this Job” button to email your resume. Please state Cactus Family Farms and the job title as the subject of your email application.

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