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Wean to Finish Field Person

About this Job:

Primary Job Responsibilities: Directly responsible overseeing multiple independently operated swine Wean to Finish sites

Duties and Responsibilities include

  • Implementation of the standard operating protocols on all assigned sites
  • Provide face-to-face coaching and direction, and hands-on technical support to the site caregivers, site owners, and employees to ensure production and quality standards are properly executed
  • Ensure bio-security, animal welfare, and euthanasia policies are posted and enforced at all assigned sites
  • On-call for emergencies and/or alarms
  • Assists with pre pig placement inspections
  • Provides technical direction for animal production and transportation
  • Assists with overstock movements and inventory control
  • Receives and starts wean and feeder pigs for finisher sites
  • Report accurate physical movement counts and mortality reporting
  • Responsible for recounts on all inventory variance
  • Maintain effective communication with all site caregivers, employees, veterinary staff, and management
  • Carries out vaccination schedules and manages the onsite pharmaceutical inventory and administers processes & withdrawal times
  • Stays abreast of animal health concerns and works closely with the veterinary team to resolve them
  • Collects tissue and blood samples as requested
  • Monitors and oversees the feed budget and provides feedback on feed quality
  • Complete weekly site evaluations for each assigned site
  • Evaluate and adjust ventilation on all barns to assure correct temperature, proper movement of CFMs, to ensure pig comfort
  • Follow and ensure compliance with PQA/TQA protocols

Experience: 2 years

Education: Bachelor’s degree

2 years
How to apply:

Click on the BLUE “Apply for this Job” button to email your resume. Please state Dykhuis Farms and the job title as the subject of your email application.