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Team Lead

About this Job:

Job Duties & Accountabilities

Typical Duties of a Team Lead include:

  •  Ensure daily care promotes humane animal handling, including the safeguard of animal health, providing access to water and feed, and the best possible environment.
  • Monitor the health of all animals, ensure proper vaccinations, medications, and injections are given and documented as needed to promote animal well-being, achieve regulatory compliance, increase production and communicate all animal well-being issues and/or concerns to the Production Manager.
  • Promote safe work habits, maintain a safe working environment and report all work related injuries within 24 hours of occurrence to the Production Manager.
  • Keep and maintain accurate production records.
  • Assist the Production Manager in the training of team members’ production and interpersonal skills through open and honest informal daily feedback, and daily organization of their activities.
  • Organize and participate in the daily activities including implementation, follow up, and review of the execution of standard operating procedures.
  • Communicate needs to the Production Manager such as feed, supplies, maintenance, personnel issues, etc.
  • Perform minor maintenance and repairs on buildings and equipment, as well as, housekeeping responsibilities of the facility and communicate to Production Manager of necessary repairs or maintenance needed.
  • Implement best management practices for environmental stewardship including the proper regulation of manure storage facility (pit) levels and the flushing time and recharge of manure handling systems within the barns


High School /GED


1 year experience in the swine industry and/or 1 years of leadership experience in any field.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

1) Knowledge of:

Agriculture industry preferred
Company policies and procedures
Standard Operating Procedures of the system (thorough understanding)
Proper pig terminology and livestock handling (advanced)
MS Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Outlook) and basic understanding of computers is preferred

2) Skill in:

Clear and concise verbal and written communication skills
Organizational and Leadership skills
Training and development of team members on standard operating procedures

3) Ability to:

Work independently, as well as being a team player
Effectively monitor and develop subordinates to insure smooth operation of the farm
Maintain confidentiality
Desire to learn new skills
Use production records to facilitate improvements

1 year
How to apply:

Please apply online by clicking HERE.

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