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Swine Production Technician

About this Job:

PRIMARY DUTY: This individual is responsible for ensuring the health and care of swine including: monitoring feed and water supplies, adjusting temperature and ventilation daily as needed, treating minor injuries and reporting more serious problems to the vet, clearing away animal waste and cleaning animal enclosures. Other duties include record keeping, supervising student employees, and performing maintenance on fences, buildings, and equipment. Additional responsibilities include tasks as assigned in the crops, beef, sheep, or dairy operations. Good communication skills are essential for functioning efficiently and productively in this team-oriented environment


  1. Follow farm procedures on care and ensure proper feedings and water supply
  2. Monitor water lines and nipples, adjust room temperature and ventilation daily
  3. Check sows and gilts daily for ill or lame animals; treat minor injuries and report serious problems to vet
  4. Perform maintenance on fences, buildings, and equipment as needed
  5. Perform feeding, castration, processing, weaning, A.I. and/or hand breeding
  6. Keep records of farrowing, weaning, deaths, and culls
  7. Transport animals between enclosures or to market
  8. Clear away animal waste and clean animal enclosures
  9. Function efficiently and productively in a team-oriented environment; perform tasks in the crops, beef, poultry, or dairy operations as needed
  10. Attend weekly farm staff meetings
  11. Perform other duties as assigned

Education: High School degree
Certification/License: Driver’s license
Experience: Experience in a hog production facility
Skills: Animal handling, problem-solving, communication, and mechanical skills

Education: Bachelor’s degree in Animal Science or related area
Experience: Five years or more in industry relevant experience

WORKING CONDITIONS: Work is sometimes strenuous and hours are often uneven and seasonally long; Work can be hazardous due to the handling of livestock, operation of farm machinery, and chemical handling; Individual should be free from allergies aggravated by animal hair, fur, feathers, and dust and able to work in hot and cold conditions

SUPERVISORY RESPONSIBILITIES: Required to communicate effectively with and direct student employees in completing assigned tasks

EQUIPMENT/MATERIALS USED: Traditional farm machinery such as tractors, trucks, combines, and tractor-drawn implements such as plow, disk, cultivator, planter, hay baler, ensilage cutter, feed grinder as well as a pickup truck and livestock trailer combination used to transport livestock

TYPICAL PHYSICAL DEMANDS: Ability to perform practical and manual activities; Heavy lifting often required; Mobility necessary for completion used to transport livestock

How to apply:

Apply online by clicking HERE!.

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