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Sow Farm Manager

About this Job:

Summary: The Sow Farm Manager position supports the Mission of Smithfield Hog Production by meeting or exceeding budgeted volumes of marketable animals into the Smithfield system. Responsibilities also require direct management of company systems, including cost reporting and budgeting, training/developing employees, biosecurity, animal welfare, and implementing and monitoring corporate program standards on employee safety, environmental management, and biosecurity.

Essential Job Responsibilities:
• Follow the safety requirements of the Injury Prevention System (IPS).
• Maintain unit bio-security.
• Manages all activities/processes related to farm management and operations. Schedules/performs according to all standard procedures and policies set out by company technical manuals.
• Manages financial performance by controlling costs, budgeting, business and financial planning, and tracking financial activity via P&L review.
• Plans, sets and Monitors goals, then communicates results to Production Specialist.
• Develops subordinates by leading, planning (short and long term), managing, coaching, mentoring and providing a positive professional image at all times.
• Ensures all staff move through the Training and Certification process as rapidly as possible.
• Establishes and maintains open communication with all farm staff, management, other departments, external customers and suppliers, refers all external communication to appropriate SHP spokesperson to identify potential problems and initiate improvements.
• Manages and administers all Human Resources/employee relations functions relating to farm management such as compensation, records, vacation, performance reviews, etc.
• Ensures the operation is functioning in an environmentally responsible way and practicing approved land and nutrient management techniques. Functions as a company steward of land resources.
• Ensures that the farm working environment is safe, by providing equipment, training, and actions to prevent hazardous conditions by meeting Smithfield-IPS standards.
• Ensures all equipment, machinery and vehicles are accounted for and properly maintained.
• Performs necropsy to collect tissue samples for diagnosis.
• Responsible for being in compliance with all environmental laws and procedures to which Smithfield Hog Production LLC subscribes.
• Incumbent will be responsible for understanding and complying with company EMS policies and procedures in the performance of their job duties.
• Report all environmental issues immediately to their supervisor.
• Read and understand the company’s emergency notification process and will be responsible for reviewing that policy at their work site.
• Performs all other activities and responsibilities as defined by management.
• Responsible to ensure that all animals are managed in accordance with Smithfifeld Animal Care Policy, and employees are trained and accountable to that standard.
• All other duties as assigned necessary for the care of the swine and/or the swine facility.



• 4-year degree in Agricultural field or equivalent in practical work experience
• Successful completion of Smithfield Hog Production Manager in Training Program, or demonstrated equivalent experience in another large live production system
• Must be able to work an average 45 hour week with an average 9 hour workday, which can vary frequently.
• Weekend, evening, and holiday work required as needed.
• Must be on call to work in emergency situations to include but not limited to, power outages or personnel shortages.

4 years
How to apply:

Please apply online by clicking HERE.

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