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Site Manager

About this Job:


The key person in the management of a sow facility is the Site Manager.  The production of the unit, the management of the employees, the upkeep of the sow unit, and the moral of the unit is all the responsibility of the Site Manager.   This person will also be a working manager and will have labor responsibilities in the unit.  This person will be working daily with the Management Company to insure all tasks and areas of management are done.

The duties of this position include but are not limited to:

Oversee Daily Management of Unit

  • Work closely with the Management Company on day to day decisions
  • Must be able to perform all jobs at the sow unit
  • Ensure the health and welfare of all animals at the sow farm

Provide Leadership and Oversee Other Employees

  • The site manager will direct the other employees of the unit.
  • Hire employees
  • Must be able to teach and instruct employees on all aspects of their jobs, which requires the ability to communicate and to lead.
  • Scheduling weekend and holiday work schedules
  • Providing for the safety of the employees
  • Evaluation of the performance of the employees
  • Attendance documentation including vacation/sick/personal leave days
  • New employee documentation
  • Reprimand and termination documentation

Work With Management Company

  • Scheduling the delivery of pigs with unit shareholders
  • Determining qualifying and non-qualifying pigs
  • Determining sow weaning dates and farrowing barn flow to optimize pig weaning ages, farrowing crate usage and pig weaning weights.
  • Notify of any new or terminated employees
  • Worker’s Compensation Insurance
  • Accident/Injury Reports

Breeding and Farrowing Responsibilities

  • Responsible for all production in farrowing and breeding area. See job descriptions for breeding and farrowing managers.
  • Determine strategies to improve breeding and farrowing performance
  • Analysis of farrowing and breeding performance
  • Implementation of recommended vaccination protocols
  • Set performance goals for both farrowing and breeding.

Other Responsibilities

  • Site Maintenance
  • Facility upkeep and maintenance
  • Biosecurity procedures
  • Feed ordering
  • Product/supply purchases
  • Expense management
  • Monitoring pit depth and facilitating the hauling of manure

• Excellent time management and organizational skills, with the ability to meet deadlines
• Knowledge of and ability to follow company policies and procedures
• Must possess organization, leadership, production, problem solving and communication skills
• Ability to use a computer effectively, including Microsoft Excel, Word & Outlook
• Ability to multi-task
• Positive, friendly and respectful demeanor at all times
• Regular, consistent attendance required with flexibility in hours.
• Ability to life, move or carry up to 50 pounds
• Must possess ambulatory skills sufficient to move throughout the farm

How to apply:

Click on the BLUE “Apply for this Job” button to email your resume. Please state VMC Management Corp and the job title as the subject of your email application.