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Sample Courier

About this Job:

PURPOSE OF POSITION: Pick up oral fluid samples from our gilt sites and process paperwork and prepare samples to be shipped.


    • Adhere to ISF bio-security policy at all times and report to management team any violations.
    • Adhere to ISF animal wellbeing policy at all times and know reporting procedures when incident occurs.
    • Adhere to ISF safety policies and procedures and wear appropriate safety equipment (PPE) for appropriate tasks and work in a safe manner.
    • Plan an efficient route each day to collect samples from Multiplication Nurseries, Growers, and GDU’s.
    • Process sample paperwork and prepare samples to be shipped to Iowa Falls or Iowa State University.
    • Ensure there are adequate testing supplies in the Afton Warehouse.
    • Demeanor should be positive and professional at all times.
    • Daily focus should be on welfare of animals, not personal issues.
    • Attendance is critical. Be at work on scheduled days and be ready to walk into barns by start time given.
    • Be friendly, positive, helpful, team-oriented and respectful to co-workers and management team.
    • Flexibility in hours during health and staffing challenges is required.

Secondary/as-needed responsibilities of this position:

    1. Assist in supply delivery to Multiplication Nurseries, Growers, & GDU’s
    2. Serve as a back-up semen delivery driver
    3. Assist in day-to-day production tasks (choring sites, loading pigs in/out, vaccination)

General Daily Routine:

    1. After the transportation schedule is developed on Wednesday a sample collection schedule will be developed by the Director of Multiplication or one of the Gilt/GDU Supervisors
    2. Based on the schedule the Sample Courier will develop an efficient route for each day and communicate the route and approximate sample pick-up times to the necessary sites.
    3. Sample collection vehicle will be based at the Afton Warehouse; it will be picked-up and dropped off here daily.
    4. Courier will gather coolers and ice packs from the Afton Warehouse before departing for the day; if sites need sample kits the courier may also take those with to drop off.
    5. The route should start no later than 8 AM on any given day, but may need to start earlier depending on the route and necessary samples.
    6. At each site the Courier will put on disposable booties & gloves as he/she exits the vehicle paying special attention to not let the bottom of the booties touch the inside of the vehicle.
    7. Courier will then pick-up necessary samples from the site; the Courier will NOT cross the clean-dirty line at any site while on the sample collection route.
    8. Samples need to be labeled correctly and have necessary paperwork with them.
    9. Samples will be placed inside a cooler with ice packs for transportation.
    10. As the courier gets back into the vehicle he/she will take off the disposable booties THEN gloves and discard them into a trash bag kept inside the vehicle. Again, paying special attention to not let the booties or gloves touch the inside of the vehicle.
    11. Once all samples are collected the Courier will return to Afton Warehouse
    12. At the Afton Warehouse all samples will be inventoried and documented; an email with the samples and additional information will be sent to Director of Multiplication, Iowa Falls Laboratory Staff, Southern IA Transportation Coordinator, and any other necessary parties.
    13. All samples needing to go to Iowa State University will need to have Web Submissions completed.
    14. All samples then need to be properly packaged and labels prepared for UPS shipping
    15. If samples were collected too late for UPS pick-up and no one is able to deliver them to the UPS location in Creston, IA the Sample Courier may have to deliver samples to the UPS Creston, IA location.
    16. At the end of each week the Sample Courier vehicle will need to be washed.

Bilingual: Not required

Education/ Experience: None required

Qualifications: Must possess a valid driver’s license and a good driving record.


This person must be able to work with limited or no supervision, thus they must be able to follow directions and complete tasks effectively. The employee must have initiative, organizational skills, be detail oriented and dependable. Physical requirements include the ability to lift up to 50 pounds and climb over gates up to 48 inches in height.

This position will require the technician to at times work with other employees, so teamwork and effective communication skills are very important. This person must be computer literate with competencies in Microsoft Outlook, Excel, Word, Access and Internet Explorer. Direct contact occurs almost constantly with farm animals, so good stockmanship and bio-security practices must be understood and practiced at all times. The employee must be able to, with or without reasonable accommodations, work in all facilities within the scope of the employee’s responsibility.

None required
How to apply:

Click on the BLUE “Apply for this Job” button to email your resume. Please state Iowa Select Farms and the job title as the subject of your email application.

Or visit www.iowaselect.com/employment to apply.