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Research Intern

About this Job:

Iowa Select Farm’s internship program was designed for students studying animal science, Ag studies or any other Ag-related field. The program is intended to
prepare students for a successful career in pork production management.

Internship programs may last anywhere from 8 weeks – 4 months and will provide excellent, hands-on training in a variety of areas including commercial pork production (breed-to-wean and grow-finish options), research, agronomy and precision farming and engineering.

Qualified candidates must have the ability to work on a team, be accountable for reaching performance goals and possess a strong work ethic and desire to learn and
understand the operational aspects, science, technology and leadership qualities needed to be a production manager within a commercial swine system.

Many members of our production management team began their career path with Iowa Select Farms as an intern or directly out of a community college or university. While they all have their own unique timeline for growth and learning experience, Iowa Select Farms has helped them exponentially increase their job skills, developed them into managers and outstanding leaders and then opened doors for them to advance upward.

Skills acquired throughout a research internship may include, but will not be limited to: 

· Principles of collecting data on equipment (ex. Farrowing crates and feeders) by defining the data to be collected, helping to collect and oversee the collection of data, organizing the data into a final presentation.

· Principles of building out a standard product catalog on our website and include product comparison of competitors’ equipment.

· Principles of designing tests and experiments to help quantifiably compare new equipment to existing equipment.

· Collaboration with Iowa Select Farms employees on conducting and documenting tests on farms.

· Principles of working with ERP, websites and engineering team to create an on-line catalog and process for maintaining that catalog.

Leadership and professional development (summer internship option only): 

Throughout a summer internship with Iowa Select Farms, interns will have the opportunity for leadership and professional development opportunities including:

· Young leaders panel

· Local cooperative tour

· Pork processing plant tour

· Senior leadership seminar

· Ride-alongs to explore other areas of company

Pathway after production internship: 

Well over half of the interns who successfully complete the internship receive a full-time job offer for post-graduation and may have the opportunity to enter directly into the Production Leadership Program immediately upon hiring.


· Animal science or related degrees and/or experience preferred

· Two-year community college or four-year university students are

· All work locations in Iowa

· Potential college credit – Iowa Select Farms will work to
accommodate collegiate internship requirements

· All interns must interview for the position and complete a background check and Predictive Index Assessment

· Experience with Excel, statistical analysis and 3D modeling are

How to apply:

lick on the BLUE “Apply for this Job” button to email your resume. Please state Iowa Select Farms and the job title as the subject of your email application.

Or visit www.iowaselect.com/employment to apply.