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Production Supervisor

About this Job:

  • To maximize productivity and efficiency of all phases of production
  • To maximize return on investment
  • To project a positive public image of the companies
  • Team Building and people development
  • Oversee production parameters of WT, LII, GJW, SPGC, SEG & LP sow farms
  • Implement new and innovative procedures on farm to increase productivity
  • Trouble shoot areas of concern at farms
  • Implement and maintain bio-security standards to protect farms from disease risk
  • Communicate bio-security changes to “outside trucking”(feed and utility deliveries)
  • Review performance records and suggest ways to improve based on economic conditions
  • Conduct quality control audits of pigs to be shipped
  • Represent the company at appropriate industry meetings as assigned
  • Maintain high image standards for all employees
  • Create strategic plans as needed
  • Promote sales of gilts, barrows, and semen
  • Handle customer complaints (both user and PIC)
  • Handle animals with care and respect
  • Keep assigned areas clean
  • Oversee general/routine maintenance and repair on buildings, equipment, and grounds
  • Performing duties in compliance with company bio-security and herd health policies, which include mandatory showering and changing into farm clothes prior to entering the farm, having no contact with other swine, and adhering to PIC “down time” requirements as noted in the Employee Handbook
  • May operate computer, farm tractors, pickup and trailer, and a power generator.
  • Oversee production at various finishers (future possibility)
  • Insure animal health testing is accomplished at finishing sites (future possibility)
  • Help to market animals for maximum profit per load (future possibility)
  • Help with cutting cost at units (trucking, etc.)
  • Help farms monitor ventilation and adjust for seasonal changes
  • Handles Biosecurity worst case scenarios
  • Semi Annual / New Employee Reviews
  • Reports
  • Recruiting and Training Personnel
  • Community Outreach
  • Overseeing Implementation of Innovative Ideas


How to apply:

Click on the BLUE “Apply for this Job” button to email your cover letter and resume. Please state Sandy Pine System and the job title as the subject line of your email application.
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