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Production Summer Help

About this Job:


This key position is responsible for the daily care, health, and maintenance of all animals at the designated work site. Each Herdsperson is a vital member of a team dedicated to competitive swine production in our Sow System environment.

The ideal candidate will have a desire to work with pigs, a willingness to learn and a high level of dependability.  This position offers excellent training and the opportunity for advancement for high achieving employees.


  • Cleaning and Organization
    • Supply Rooms, Fumigation Rooms, Office, Break Rooms, Entryways, Shower Rooms, Connecting Hallways & Sow Washes and Refrigerators
  • Power Washing
    • Feed drop tubes B&G, Hallways, Isolation rooms, Hot boxes, Dead Removal area
  • Repair and Maintenance
    • Replace Feed Tubes B&G, Replace and Adjust Feed Tubes in Farrowing, Replace broken and missing Farrowing Crate Dividers, Painting (Shower Room floors, Office, Entry ways, Exterior painting)
  • Cleaning and organization
    • Tractor Sheds
    • Grounds outside
      • Pick up trash
      • Bait bait boxes
  • Production Items
    • Feed Farrowing
    • Help with Wean (No shots)
    • Processing/Castrating
    • Pit scraping
    • Address minor repairs on Bio Audits

Candidate must be 16 years or older.

Experience: Previous livestock handling helpful, but not required.

Other: Ability to work in a fast-paced environment. Display a high level of respect to team members and animals. Demonstrate an impeccable reliability/dependability standard.

How to apply:

Apply online at www.christensenfarms.com or call 1-800-889-8531 for more information.
Or click on the BLUE “Apply for this Job” button to email your resume. Please list the job title as the subject of your email application.