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Production Service Rep.

About this Job:

The main goal of this position is as follows:

Work in a Team Effort with HBI Management, Consultants, Farm Employees, and Growers to meet or exceed current Nursery, Grow-Finish and Wean to Finish Production Targets as set by Management. 


1)         It is the main responsibility of this position to assist Farm Employees and Growers in proper management of Facilities and Haverkamp Bros. swine, while maximizing quality and quantity of pork sold in a cost effective manner.

2)         Be accountable for the performance of this farm as a whole, your personal performance, and the performance of each farm under your supervision.

3)         Be “on call”, with-in reasonable limits, to answer questions or give advice to Employees or Growers.  Return voice messages as promptly as possible.  

4)         Follow policies outlined in the Employee Handbook.

5)         Follow and enforce Operating Procedures and policies for each phase of production.

6)         Revise and or develop new Operating Procedures as conditions dictate.

7)         Maintain bio-security.  Follow Bio-Security Procedures when consulting with multiple farms.

8)         Maintain herd health.  Consult with Farm Vet, Farm Employees, Growers, and Production Manager on a regular basis concerning health and production issues.  Post swine, collect tissue and fecal samples, conduct periodic slaughter checks, and work closely with Farm Vet to diagnose health challenges.

9)         Consult with Farm Vet, Production Manager and Feed Mill Manager regularly in order to address health issues promptly.  Provide input for prevention or treatment therapy program to use.

10)    Keep costs contained.  Determine costs of implementing prevention or treatment programs.  Provide suggestions to reduce costs.

11)    Keep accurate and timely records.  Provide reports and other pertinent information to the Main Office on a regular schedule as set up by Production Manager.

12)    Environmental Management.  Ensure that all operations are performed in accordance with Best Management Practices determined for cleanliness, manure management, odor control and animal well-being.

13)    Assist Production Manager in scheduling swine movements and marketing dates and times.  Oversee movements of weaner pigs, feeder pigs, market hogs, and cull animals.

14)    Provide swine transport drivers information related to load #s, culls, segregating groups or special circumstances of next load.

15)    Mark market hogs in barns w/o auto-sort scales in such a way as to minimize sort loss and optimize returns.

16)    Assist Barn Managers in determining which animals are to be culled or otherwise sorted off.

17)    Provide Site or Barn Managers with necessary forms, vet supplies, and related items needed to perform job.

18)    Have a comprehensive knowledge of swine building ventilation and ventilation controls.

19)    Have a comprehensive knowledge of auto sort scales controls and set-up.


20)    Develop strong working relations with growers, employees, swine health care professionals and others.

2-4 years
How to apply:

Click on the BLUE “Apply for this Job” button to email your resume. Please list the job title as the subject of your email application

or contact Jeff Perry @ 785-858-4457