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Minnesota Sow Farm Manager

About this Job:


MEDIUM SIZED SOW FARM is seeking an experienced swine professional to lead and manage a sow farm in Minnesota.  Given the size of the farm, this position is ideally suited to a husband/wife team or any two individuals who work well together.  Individual must have solid experience in both farrowing and artificial insemination but does not require prior management experience, therefore is well suited to someone who is looking to advance and manage their own sow farm.  Excellent veterinarian/administrative support provided and compensation package is highly competitive for the right individual(s).

Responsibilities and Duties.

Production Manager.

  • A hands on approach to all production phases on the farm and implementation processes as required.
  • High level of integrity and willingness to take responsibility for outcomes.
  • Implement action plans to meet farm-specific and company-set goals.
  • Actively communicate with the owner and veterinarians regarding the health of the herd.
  • Ensure strict compliance to all bio-security protocols and take action as necessary.
  • Order feed, supplies, and equipment for the farm, herd, and employees.
  • Produce production reports in a timely manner.

Employee Management.

  • Provide daily leadership and direction to all farm staff.
  • Reinforce compliance of all policies and procedures.
  • Ensure all safety procedures are in place and take action to lower safety incidents on the farm.
  • Ensure safety equipment is provided and utilized by all farm staff.
  • Promote a safe, professional, and positively motivating work environment.
  • Provide development opportunities for employees on the farm and offer guidance to employees to reach their personal and professional goals.
  • Administer interviews for new farm staff members; provide orientation and training with all new employees.

Cost Management.

  • Manage labor resources by controlling hours worked by each employee and enforcing employee efficiency.
  • Manage feed and medication inventory and supply.

Site Care.

  • Ensure cleanliness and sanitation of the site.
  • Hold employees accountable for the care and cleanliness of the site.
  • Ensure equipment and barns remain properly maintained.




• Minimum three (3) years of swine production experience with specific skill and knowledge in farrowing and artificial insemination. This position would be excellent for a husband and wife team.

Knowledge and Skills.
• Ability to manage time and priorities.
• Ability to work successfully with limited supervision.
• Ability to handle all aspects of farrowing.
• Ability to handle all aspects of artificial insemination.
• Ability to recognize problems before they occur and take a proactive approach to resolve the issue.
• Possess excellent problem-solving, leadership, and project management skills.
• Proven ability to lead by example.
• Ability to maintain positive working relationships and support organizational processes and goals.

Salary and Benefits.
• Salary based on experience – highly competitive.
• Health insurance benefits.
• 401(k) pension plan.
• Personal Paid Leave (PPL).
• Excellent overall compensation package provided.

3 years
How to apply:

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