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Mid-West- Production Director

About this Job:

OBJECTIVE: As our System continues to grow we are adding to our production staff. We are seeking a skilled production director to join our team in the Midwest. Strategic planning and corresponding implementation of plans ensuring profitability of farms and success of employees to promote the future growth of each organization.



  • Communicate and instill company mission and core values throughout the organization through leading by example
  • Ensure safety as a key culture at each Company location
  • Provide a work environment including goal setting, employee accountability and continuous improvement
  • Individual development of each Production Manager based on the needs of their designated farms
  • Educate all individuals in leadership positions in Company’s message and System goals
  • Hold Production Manager meetings for the purpose of further educating managers, analyzing and further developing protocols and communicating developmental plans of the organization
  • Consistently communicate all necessary aspects of farm production and operations with Sow production Director
  • Financial analysis of production system as a whole and development of production strategies in conjunction with finance department to support each organization’s goals for profitability and growth
  • Set PIPESTONE System farm goals consistent with overall PIPESTONE System goals
  • Hold Production Managers and their designated farm employees accountable for their actions and the results obtained by their respective farms
  • Mentor individual Production Managers to further develop their skills pertaining to the financial analysis of farm statistics and profitability to develop strategies for improvement

Communicate farm results on regular basis with farm owners/shareholders
Provide strategic alliance with owners/shareholders for future growth plans of organizations
Provide continuous improvement through analysis of protocols being used and further refinement and implementation of best practices
Work with finance department to develop the most cost effective processes and strategies in development of new farm sites

How to apply:

Click HERE to fill out the online job application.

Click on the BLUE “Apply for this Job”button to email your resume. Please state Pipestone System and the job title as the subject of your email application.

For questions please call 507-825-2532 or 866-918-7378.