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Sow Farm Manager

About this Job:

PURPOSE OF POSITION: To lead a team in the processes of caring for and administering to sows and piglets to assure optimum productivity.  This person will be responsible for all aspects of animal care, facility repair and maintenance at the site.


  • Adhere to ISF animal wellbeing policy at all times and partnering with Production Well-being team when incident occurs.
  • Adhere to ISF bio-security policy at all times and fixing violation if issue is brought to light.
  • Adhere to ISF safety policies and procedures and wear appropriate safety equipment (PPE) for appropriate tasks and work in a safe manner.
  • The 3 key responsibilities listed above are all tracked via audits, you play a critical role in the success of audits for the entire farm which also impacts incentive payouts.
  • Develop and promote a team environment of cooperation among all farrowing and breeding department employees.
  • Supervise overall cleanliness of the site; including proper bio-security, maintenance and upkeep inside and outside of facility.
  • Evaluate, discipline, and terminate employees in partnership with HR/Supervisor.
  • Assist with hiring (referrals, farm tours, training groups, etc.)
  • Plan and oversee feed usage, planning and ordering.
  • Ordering and cost controls.
  • Responsible for monitoring all nutrient storage facilities and reporting issues immediately.
  • Monitor the environment and the environmental controls in the facility.
  • Maintain accurate records using ISF forms and protocols.
  • Ensure all animal removals are being removed according to ISF protocols and meet minimum withdrawal requirements.
  • Order and dispense medications and vaccinations according to ISF protocols.
  • Monitor and assist in the breeding process.
  • Monitor and assist in the farrowing process.
  • Care and management of animals to ensure that all animal well-being policies are followed:
  • Animals are properly fed.
  • Water is available.
  • Observation of all animals daily and ensuring sick animals are properly treated.
  • Overall animal conditions are evaluated and maintained.
  • Follow proper steps for timely euthanasia and be able to identify when it is needed.
  • Care and management of facilities to ensure that:
  • Fans, curtains, heaters and other equipment are working properly.
  • Ventilation equipment is adjusted to provide proper environment.
  • Facilities are kept clean, including power washing and disinfecting.
  • Promote and demonstrate safe animal handling practices.
  • Provide feedback to farm supervisor or senior management.
  • Provide weekly communication to your supervisor on production, employee and or site issues so supervisor knows what issues are at the site.
  • Computer knowledge/ skills- able to run reports, data entry, email, word documents, excel documents, and able to navigate the tools site to be able to find important company documents.
  • Responsible to understand and troubleshoot alarm systems and calls and ensure a response is initiated for 100% of these calls.
  • Data entry for farm- including corrections, vaccinations, production numbers, tools systems, load lists, wean projections, wean schedules, feed order, and environmental.
  • Identify piglets and sows needing timely euthanasia.
  • Complete euthanasia process according to ISF protocols.
  • Understands daily production numbers and factors that impact those goals as well as the steps the farm is taking to achieve those goals.
  • Understanding company production and incentive packages and motivates employees to achieve these results.
  • Responsible for ensuring employees work in a safe manner and use personal protective equipment (PPE) when required, keeping employees motivated to perform at a high level to achieve production results and ensure all employees are being trained.
  • Able to run generator correctly.
  • Create routines within the farm that result in passed audits.
  • Create and execute action plans based off audit results.
  • Demeanor should be positive and professional at all times.
  • Daily focus should be on welfare of animals, not personal issues.
  • Attendance is critical. Be at work on scheduled days and be ready to walk into barns by start time given.
  • Be friendly, positive, helpful, team-oriented and respectful to co-workers and management team.
  • Flexibility in hours during health and staffing challenges is required.
  • Collaborate with other departments within the company.

Leadership Qualities:

  • Keep department, daily tasks, paperwork and people organized.
  • Achieve consistent results.
  • Provide a unified leadership message with department managers.
  • Be effective in conflict resolution by addressing conflict quickly to keep moral at farm high.
  • Take action immediately by partnering with appropriate departments when made aware of policy violations.
  • Communicate and prioritize daily execution of tasks.
  • Motivate others to accomplish goals and tasks.
  • Responsible for development and training of employees by utilizing your resources and supervisors, asking for help where needed.
  • Provide constructive and motivating feedback on employee’s performance and communicate with supervisor regarding this feedback.
  • Timely documentation utilizing MEP tools.

Bilingual: Preferred

Education/ Experience: At least five years previous experience in swine production operations is desired.


This position requires the farm manager to work closely with other managers, supervisors, production staff and other company employees, so teamwork and effective communication skills are very important. Direct contact with animals will occur, so good stockmanship and bio-security practices must be understood and practiced at all times. Computer literacy is important with competencies in Microsoft Outlook, Excel, Word, Access and Internet Explorer. The employee must be able to, with or without accommodation, work in all facilities within the requirements of this job description.

This person must be a self-starter and be able to schedule tasks and supervise people. Thus, they must have initiative, organization, and dependability. Physical requirements include the ability to lift up to 40 pounds and to climb over gates up to 48 inches in height as well as pushing, pulling, bending and kneeling. While performing the duties of this job, the employee is regularly required to walk and stand, use hands to finger, handle, or feel objects, tools, controls, or animals. The employee is occasionally required to reach with hands and arms; climb or balance; and talk or hear.

5 years
How to apply:

Click on the BLUE “Apply for this Job” button to email your resume. Please list the job title as the subject of your email application.

Or visit www.iowaselect.com to apply.

For more information, contact Allyson at 641.316.3251.