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IT Specialist

About this Job:

Objective: The Information Technology (IT) Support Specialist will be responsible for problem solving technical issues in the organization on a daily basis. The IT Support Specialist will be responsible for troubleshooting software issues and installation of new software, configuration and ongoing maintenance of automated systems and technological services. The IT Support Specialist will also work very closely with software programming and managing our website interface.


  1. 1. Problem Solving, define and analyze the problem and help determine the best possible solution for each scenario.
  2. 2. Software experience, provide technical support to our employees and train non-technical workers on the software programs. If the ability is present the Support Specialist may design systems and assess the effectiveness of technology resources already in use or new systems that are being implemented. Additionally, the Support Specialist will determine the practicality of changes and modification of systems.
  3. 3. Software program experience in multiple languages to help aid in trouble shooting
  4. 4. Web interface, Create interfaces for a variety of web-based applications. Ensures that interfaces function to achieve desired business goals

Education: 2-4 year degree preferred

Experience: 2-5 years of experience preferred but not required

2-5 years
How to apply:

Click HERE to fill out the online job application.

Click on the BLUE “Apply for this Job”button to email your resume. Please state Pipestone System and the job title as the subject of your email application.

For questions please call 507-825-2532 or 866-918-7378.

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