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HR International Recruiting Liaison

About this Job:

Objective:  Acclimate new hire employees to American culture and environment and Pipestone System processes.


  1. New hire acclimation for international employees
    1. Coordinate mailing addresses, social security numbers and driver’s license
    2. Organize start up checklist for employee: groceries, phone, utilities, laundry
  2. Arrange housing for new employees arriving into the US.
    1. Secure lease agreements in troubled areas
    2. Develop lease agreements with employees and provide to payroll
  3. Provide transportation from the airport to designated housing facility
    1. Coordinate drug screen and start time with host farm
  4. Conduct new hire paperwork orientations remotely as well as in Pipestone
  5. Conduct interviews and other recruitment efforts as needed
  6. Performs background checks on employees


  1. Other duties and projects as assigned by Supervisor

Education: AA degree or equal experience

Experience: 3-5 years in Human Resources, agriculture related degree
Agricultural experience preferred but not required
Ability to multi-task, work under pressure and meet deadlines required.

3-5 years
How to apply:

Click here to fill out the online job application.

Click on the BLUE “Apply for this Job”button to email your resume. Please list the job title as the subject of your email application.

For questions please call 507-825-2532 or 866-918-7378.