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GTC Transport Specialist

About this Job:

PURPOSE OF POSITION: Transport semen from the boar stud to the production farms following stringent bio-security regulations to insure disease is not spread throughout the company or brought back to the boar stud.

• Adhere to ISF bio-security policy at all times and report to management team any violations.
• Adhere to ISF animal wellbeing policy at all times and know reporting procedures when incident occurs.
• Adhere to ISF safety policies and procedures and wear appropriate safety equipment (PPE) for appropriate tasks and work in a safe manner.

Pre Delivery
• The delivery vehicle will be thoroughly washed the evening before going to the boar stud. This is without exception.
• The boar stud will be the first stop of the day.
• The delivery person will back into the garage area to pick up semen orders.
• The garage area is considered dirty. Stud personnel will only enter garage if overnight down time is observed before re-entering the stud.
• The deliver person will clean and disinfect this area after every pickup.
• Stud personnel will package all orders. Semen will be labeled with farm destination.
• Semen will be handed through the pass through window to the delivery person.
• Delivery Person will transfer semen to transport cooler immediately in the Van. Coolers will not be allowed in the garage area, the must stay in the Van.
• The inside temperature of the transfer cooler needs to be at a safe temperature to insure no damage to the semen (60-65)

• Once the delivery person leaves the garage area, delivery person will not be allowed onto the site until next day.
• Delivery person will have a designated route daily. This route may change periodically due to health concerns.
• Cooler temperature will be monitored in route.
• Delivery person will monitor and record high low temperatures of farms drop off cooler. If temperatures at the drop off cooler are not at a safe storage temperature (55-70 Fahrenheit), the delivery person will page the farm manager and the semen will be passed through the window to the farm manager. The farm manager will place semen into the farm semen cooler. Any problems with semen coolers will be communicated to the Supervisor as soon as possible.

• The cooler used for semen delivery will not leave the delivery vehicle. The semen bags will be removed from the delivery vehicle and carried quickly to the farm’s cooler.
• The semen bags must be placed directly into the delivery cooler without ever touching the ground or having contact with any surface on the dirty side.
• If farm staff wants the semen handed through, the driver will open outside bag. Farm staff will reach in and remove the inside bag without touching driver or outside bag.
• Once delivery has been made, shoes will be sprayed with disinfectant before stepping back into the delivery vehicle. This will be repeated after every delivery.
• After deliveries have been completed to all farms, the delivery vehicle will be washed with overnight down time before arriving back to boar stud. Delivery vehicle needs to be filled with gas at the end of the day after all deliveries have been made.
• Vehicle will be washed at a local car wash.
• Wheel wells and inside of driver door must be washed thoroughly.
• Floor mats must be cleaned and disinfected.
• Delivery coolers will be removed, power washed, and disinfected as needed.
• Demeanor should be positive and professional at all times.
• Daily focus should be on welfare of animals, not personal issues.
• Attendance is critical. Be at work on scheduled days and be ready to walk into barns by start time given.
• Be friendly, positive, helpful, team-oriented and respectful to co-workers and management team.
• Flexibility in hours during health and staffing challenges is required.


Bilingual: Not required

Education/ Experience: None required

Qualifications: Must possess a valid driver’s license and a good driving record.

This person must be able to work with limited or no supervision, thus they must be able to follow directions and complete tasks effectively. The employee must have initiative, organizational skills, be detail oriented and dependable. Physical requirements include the ability to lift up to 40 pounds and climb over gates up to 48 inches in height. While performing the duties of this job, the employee is regularly required to walk and stand, use hands to grip, finger, handle, or feel objects, tools, controls, or animals. Additionally, hands must be routinely used to firmly grip and maintain constant pressure for periods exceeding fifteen minutes during the collection process. The employee is occasionally required to reach with hands and arms; climb or balance; and talk or hear.

This position will require the technician to at times work with other employees, so teamwork and effective communication skills are very important. This person must be computer literate with competencies in Microsoft Outlook, Excel, Word, Access and Internet Explorer. Direct contact occurs almost constantly with farm animals, so good stockmanship and bio-security practices must be understood and practiced at all times. The employee must be able to, with or without reasonable accommodations, work in all facilities within the scope of the employee’s responsibility.

None required
How to apply:

Click on the BLUE “Apply for this Job” button to email your resume. Please state Iowa Select Farms and the job title as the subject of your email application.

Or visit www.iowaselect.com/employment to apply.