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Gestation Lead

About this Job:
Job Description
  1. Lead and develop gestation team
    1. Train gestation employees to follow all production protocols and procedures
    2. Monitor employee performance versus protocols to maximize sow and gilt production & efficiencies
    3. Develop gestation area employees to provide specialized skills necessary for smooth work flow
    4. Train gestation employees in animal husbandry to reduce stress of herd and maximize production
    5. Maximize the daily tasks of the department to achieve production targets
    6. Complete area paperwork accurately and timely; train gestation employees in required production paperwork and monitor employee activity for accuracy
  1. Communicate effectively both verbally and in writing with area employees and farm management
    1. Utilize task sheets and time frames to maintain an organized workday
    2. Utilize consistent monitoring of task schedules for both yourself and gestation area employees
    3. Give daily input to farm management on production, animal health, and gestation employee issues
    4. Train gestation employees on how their personal performance affects the finances of the organization
  1. Ensure gestation paperwork is completed accurately and on time
    1. Work with farm management to ensure completion of all work related injury paperwork and participate as necessary in accident investigation
    2. Daily recording of monitored production items
    3. Ensure employees are properly trained on how to complete paperwork in the gestation area. Submit production records and corrections on tim
  1. Bio-Security Adherence
    1. Adhere to all bio-security protocols, train gestation staff on bio-security and monitor employee activity for compliance
    2. Ensure gestation area bio-security audit deficiencies are corrected and brought into compliance in a timely basis
  1. Safe Working Environment
    1. Follow all safety procedures and guidelines
    2. Teach gestation area employees safety procedures and monitor employee activity for compliance
    3. Ensure all safety equipment is in place and utilized
    4. Learn accident prevention measures for gestation area, train gestation employees and monitor employee activity for compliance
    5. Consistently monitor animal welfare procedures in gestation area
  1. Ventilation Controls
    1. Monitor and ensure gestation area ventilation system is in good working order
    2. Regularly monitor the environment to achieve optimum comfort for the animals
    3. Train gestation area employees to provide regular input to maintain optimum comfort for animals
  1. Facility Maintenance
    1. The facility must be maintained and well kept
    2. Train and direct gestation staff to complete routine maintenance on a daily basis
    3. Communicate non-routine repairs to farm management
    4. Train, direct and monitor staff to keep gestation area clean and organized


1. Other duties and projects as assigned by farm management


Education: High School Diploma or GED Preferred

Experience: 2+ Years Livestock Experience with High School Diploma Preferred

Training: My Pipestone New Hire Courses

Animal Welfare
Employee Handbook

Additional Position Related My Pipestone Assigned

Monthly Animal Welfare, Biosecurity and Safety Topics

Annual Safety Refresher Training

Work Environment: Agricultural swine environment in rural area

Noise levels that require hearing protection in some areas

Gestation, farrowing, and small swine care processes

2+ years
How to apply:

Click HERE to fill out the online job application.

Click on the BLUE “Apply for this Job”button to email your resume. Please state Pipestone System and the job title as the subject of your email application.

For questions please call 507-825-2532 or 866-918-7378.

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