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Farrowing Room Lead

About this Job:

Purpose of Position: To ensure healthy production and success in farrowing rooms. This person will be responsible for the care of sows as they enter farrowing room, oversee farrowing and care for newborn piglets. 


Key responsibilities:

·       Daily evaluation of sows in farrowing room

·       Feeder adjustments

·       Water management 

·       Aid in farrowing 

·       Dry off newborn piglets immediately 

·       Administering necessary vaccine shots for piglets

·       Identify and treat ill piglets

·       Timely euthanasia performed humanely

·       Sorting piglets

·       Adjusting heat lamps

·       Ensuring mats are correctly placed

·       Care for fall behind piglets

·       Monitoring health in farrowing room

·       Communicating state of farrowing room with manager

·       Daily data entry 




Bilingual: Not Required

Education: High School/GED

Experience: None Required

This person must be willing to be an effective team member that takes pride in their area of work. They must be willing to communicate with other team members and the barn manager, be reliable and complete the tasks to their fullest ability. 


Physical requirements: Lift a minimum of 50lbs and have the ability to: bend down, kneel, balance, reach and pull. 


Employee will have direct contact with sows and piglets, thus good animal husbandry and stockmanship are necessary. 


Biosecurity practices are to be followed consistently and to the standard provided by farm guidelines with no compromises.

How to apply:

To apply, please call: 605.695.4377 Or click on the BLUE “Apply for this Job” button to email your cover letter and resume. Please state Pioneer Pork and the job title as the subject of your email application.