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Director of Analytics and Research

About this Job:

To be considered for this role you must:

*   Enjoy dealing with data and have strong statistical analysis skills.

*   Able to present data from commercial farms and research farms and create reports for senior management

*   Able to lead the team at a research farm

*   Self-motivated and self-directed

*   Be a team player

*   Have excellent verbal and written communication skills

*   Experience in swine nutrition a plus.


* Education and passion must be swine focused.
* MS or Ph.D. in Animal Science and/or statistics, preferred.
* Must have a minimum of 6 years of solid research experience

6 years
How to apply:

To learn more about our business, please visit our website @ www.pillenfamilyfarms.com. If interested in applying, please fill out an application at our company website, or call 402-564-0407 ext. 216 for more information.