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Boar Stud Manager

About this Job:


It is the Mission of Smithfield to produce high quality animals in a responsible and sustainable manner at a predictable cost.

Summary:  Manager is responsible for the total operation of 600 head boar stud.  Responsibilities include but are not limited to the following:  Training/developing of approximately 8-11 people, implementing corporate personnel and procedural policies, land and nutrient management, controlling operating costs, providing a quality product to the farm’s customers.

Essential Job Responsibilities: 

  • Accounts for and manages all equipment, machinery, and vehicles assigned to individuals or sections via up-to-date documented preventive maintenance programs.
  • Maintains all appropriate farms records and coordinates with team leader to ensure they are accurately recorded, reported timely to appropriate people and used effectively to improve farm output or lower costs
  • Oversees and is responsible for all farm inventories of feed, animals and other supplies.
  • Ensures the day to day activities and processes are scheduled and performed according to standardization methods.
  • Plans and manages all day to day tasks within the section so that all targets and responsibilities are met.
  • Schedules all boar movement in and out of stud to ensure proper genetics are maintained.
  • Ensures health and welfare of all animals, nutritionally and environmentally, and that all animals receive standardized vaccination/medication program.
  • Receives and distributes payroll in an accurate and timely manner.
  • Orders and maintains equipment for boar stud and sow farms as it pertains to AI.
  • Report to service person when problems, such as labor, mechanical, or health standards of animals, cannot be corrected independently.
  • Responsible for being in compliance with all environmental laws and procedures to which Smithfield subscribes.
  • Reports all environmental issues immediately to their supervisor.
  • Interacts in a professional manner with all support departments outside of the farm.
  • Guides all associates in following production procedures as set forth by the company.
  • Guides all associates in following all BMS, IPS and EMS procedures as set forth by the company.
  • Guides all associates in maintaining heath status of farm through proper vaccination and treatment programs.
  • Supervises the training of new associates.
  • Provides coaching and feedback to associates informally and through formal appraisals.
  • Maintains the farm’s cleanliness.
  • Maintains upkeep of farm buildings and equipment through preventative maintenance and repairs as necessary.
  • Maintains a safe work environment.
  • Participates in informational and production-oriented seminars and meetings.
  • Responsible for making himself/herself aware of and adhering to all company policies; and for reporting violations of company policies to appropriate supervision.

• Bachelor’s degree (B.A.) in Animal Science or similar field of study; or equivalent experience preferred.
• Certified in Boar Stud System (Barn and Laboratory area)
• Willingness to work as a member of a team.
• Ability to do hard physical labor.
• Strong commitment to team work.
• Willingness to shower daily in and out of facility
• Ability to follow instructions and deal with standardized situations.
• Must be able to work an average 48 hour week, which can vary frequently.
• Weekend, evening, and holiday work required as needed.
• Must be on call to work in emergency situations to include but not limited to, power outages or personnel shortages.

How to apply:

Click on the BLUE “Apply for this Job” button to email your resume. Please list the job title as the subject of your email application.