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Boar Stud Farm Manager

About this Job:

Christensen Farms is one of the largest, family-owned pork producers in the United States, marketing approximately 3 million hogs per year. Headquartered in Sleepy Eye, Minnesota, the company operates throughout the Midwest with facilities in Minnesota, Iowa, Nebraska, Illinois and South Dakota.  Christensen Farms owns four feed mills, manages 145,000 sows on 44 farms, and oversees more than 350 nurseries and grow-finish sites.  The company employs nearly 1,000 people and maintains 1,500 contract partnerships.

The company is vertically integrated with a strong presence across the pork value chain from farm to fork. Christensen Farms is the largest shareholder of Triumph Foods LLC, a producer-owned primary pork processing plant in St. Joseph, Missouri. In turn, Triumph Foods members own 50 percent of Daily’s Premium Meats, a specialty pork processor of bacon and other premium pork products.  Triumph Foods also holds a 50 percent partnership in Seaboard Triumph Foods, LLC of Sioux City, Iowa, a primary pork processing plant.

Position Overview & Responsibilities                                 

This position is responsible for leading a functional team within the boar facility to effectively accomplish production and economic goals of the department and will also support the Mission of the Company by providing for the care of all animals at the designated work site.

Major Areas of Accountability

  • Responsible for the achievement of key performance indicators on a weekly, monthly, and annual basis resulting in the annual accomplishment of associated budgets and production goals
  • Maintain a leadership approach that includes participation in the daily activities of the farm and be competent in all processes and procedures within the boar stud
  • Responsible for the daily schedule of activities in semen collection and processing.
  • Coordination of accurate fulfilment of internal semen orders
  • Staff training and on-boarding of new employees
  • Execution of health management programs and health reporting functions involving the boar stud
  • Coordination of all herd health testing and health paperwork semen shipment
  • Treat sick animals in accordance with the Health Management guidelines
  • Responsible to fulfill semen orders prioritizing index and days of rest
  • Execution of feeding practices, timely feed ordering, and proper sire body condition
  • Maintain accurate record keeping in Prism
  • Produce accurate production information and update all department records as required
  • Implementation of evolving SOP’s
  • Responsible for ordering supplies, inventory control, and the maintenance of specialized equipment and technologies
  • Direct and prioritize maintenance needs as it relates to the functionality of the facility
  • Direct and maintain the cleanliness of the barn, laboratory, office and employee areas, with particular focus on excellent laboratory hygiene
  • Direct and maintain the operation of all assets in the facility in the barn space and the laboratory
  • Ensure all aspects of our genetic improvement, bio-security, animal welfare, and safety programs are in full compliance, where variances from the prescribed programs are detected outline action plans to bring the programs into compliance
  • Follow and enforce the Company’s animal care policies and procedures including: providing a physical environment that meets the sires’ needs, providing access to adequate water and high-quality feed, providing humane treatment of the sires, providing appropriate treatment of sires in need of health care, and following proper guidelines for euthanasia
  • Provide employees feedback regarding their performance and lead this area of the business in a way that is concurrent with corporate strategy while providing input to the company from an employee’s perspective
  • Responsible for the site being in compliance with all environmental laws and procedures, reporting all environmental issues immediately to their supervisor
  • Ensure staff understanding of the Company’s emergency notification process and how it applies to their specific worksite
  • Ensure staff training of all safety requirements of the job and for performing the job in compliance with the safety requirements
  • Effective communication with teammates, interdependent departments, and supervisors in order to competently achieve goals
  • All other duties as assigned necessary for the care of the sires, the facility, and the semen production process

Minimum formal education required: None
Minimum number of years of prior job experience required: 1 to 3 years of swine production and/or management experience preferred
Specialized Training Requirements: Training will be provided on the job
Other Technical Skills: None
Proven high level of integrity required
Bachelor’s degree highly desirable
Previous boar stud experience preferred
Strong organizational, communication, and interpersonal skills
Excellent husbandry skills
Strong commitment to teamwork and team-building
Must be detail-oriented
Ability to understand and acquire emerging technical skills
Ability to follow instructions and deal with standardized situations
Proven trainer and talent developer
Must be on call to work in emergency situations to include, but not be limited to, power outages or personnel shortages
Demonstrated, effective computer skills
Weekend, evening and holiday work as needed
Ability to do physical labor
Must be able to work an average 43-hour week, which can vary frequently
Willingness to shower in and out of facilities

1-3 years
How to apply:

Apply online at www.christensenfarms.com or call 1-800-889-8531 for more information.

Or click on the BLUE “Apply for this Job” button to email your resume. Please list the job title as the subject of your email application.