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Barn Technician

About this Job:

Job Duties & Accountabilities

Typical Duties of a Barn Technician include:

  •  Collect semen from boars for production of artificial insemination (AI) doses.
  • Draw blood samples from boars for diagnostic testing
  • Provide daily boar care, including feeding, checking water drinkers, treating sick animals and adjusting ventilation.
  • Responsible for boar movements including cull boar and mortality removal, incoming boar placements and other movements within the barns.
  • Train incoming boars on collection practices with an AI dummy.
  • Clean barns/work areas as needed, including disinfecting all collection areas
  • Responsible for external facility maintenance, including mowing, changing filters and turning compost as needed.
  • Ensure implementation of best management practices consistent with commonly accepted standards for animal welfare including adherence to biosecurity practices
  • Ensure that care for the boars is conducted in a manner that safeguards the environment, protects worker safety, and maintains regulatory compliance.


High School diploma or GED strongly preferred


One year of experience with livestock preferred

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

1) Knowledge of:

Agriculture industry preferred
Biosecurity and quality control standards
Proper pig terminology and livestock handling

2) Skill in:

Listening and learning

3) Ability to:

Work some weekends and occasional holidays per the work schedule
Understand and follow all protocols, biosecurity and quality control standards
Write clearly and legibly
Grasp protocols/practices and use them effectively
Work independently as well as being a team player

Travel Requirements

Up to 20%

Working Conditions

Extreme Hot or Cold Setting **

Wet, Slippery Surroundings

Fumes, Smoke, Odors, etc.

**Including outdoors

1 year
How to apply:

Please apply online by clicking HERE.