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Animal Services Technician I

About this Job:


Job Summary and Purpose:

Work providing animal husbandry care and technical assistance for Animal Services department, Quality Control, and Research & Development.  Support the quality control tests, research and development trials for both poultry and swine vaccine productions.  This position may require travel between the farm and corporate offices.

Responsibilities and Key Duties:

1.  Daily animal care and record keeping:

·         Monitor and supply feed and water to test animals

·         Daily animal observations for sickness or mortality, accurate and concurrent recording of observations

·         Apply appropriate animal identification

·         Monitor and clean air filters on animal isolators; prepare and change as needed

·         Record data (temperature, humidity, pressures, etc.) of animal containment units daily, and

adjusting when necessary

·         Comply with USDA Regulation in 9 CFR 113

·         Comply with specific procedures and regulations in order to maintain bio-security and bio-containment in the animal facilities


2. Clean and disinfect the animal containment facilities:

·         Decontaminate, rinse, scrub, and disinfect the animal facilities, and set up for the next animal trial

·         Maintain accurate and concurrent of cleaning procedures

·         Maintain bio-security procedures, equipment, and footbaths throughout the animal facilities

·         Organize and maintain equipment records

·         Prepare disinfectant solutions used in cleaning and bio-security procedures

·         Keep facilities supplies stocked and maintain equipment

·         Notify management and maintenance department of issues with equipment


3. Technical support for QC and R&D:

·         Assist and/or perform with the movement, tagging, restraint, and treatment of test animals

·         Assist and/or perform with inoculation of animals for QC and R&D tests

·         Assist and/or perform with drawing blood samples from test animals

·         Assist and/or perform with administration of live challenges to test animals

·         Assist with animal necropsies, disposal, disinfection, and record keeping

·         Read, understand, review  and comply with department SOP’s

·         Assist and/or perform humane euthanasia procedures at the termination of tests in accordance with AVMA guidelines

·         Disposes of test animals in accordance with operating, protocol, or bio-security procedures

·         Assist and/or perform QC inventory counts


4. Adhere to company safety and policies:

·         Wear appropriate PPE for each job function

·         Participate in assigned HSE training

·         Promote a safe and healthy working environment.

Core Competencies and Attitudinal Characteristics:

·         Shape solutions out of complexity

·         Client focus

·         Collaborate with empathy

·         Engage and develop

·         Drive ambition and accountability

·         Influence others

Technical / Functional Competencies:

·         Ability to observations and maintain concurrent records

·         Understanding of State and Federal animal regulations

·         Basic understanding of USDA regulations

·         Knows proper restrain animals for bleeding, vaccination, and challenge techniques

·         Ability to perform basic techniques of animal tagging and beak trimming

·         Ability to perform basic departmental vaccination techniques

·         Autoclave and Hotsey power washer operation and other Animal Services equipment

·         Basic data entry and computer skills

·         Ability to work in both a team environment and individual setting.


Education – High School Diploma or equivalent.

Work Experience – Previous experience in animal care and husbandry preferred, especially with poultry.

Physical Requirements:
· Stand for long periods of time
· Lift up to 50 lbs
· Bending
· Visual Inspection
· Ability to read, write legibly and understand English

Working Conditions:
· Work will be performed in an indoor environment designed for the comfort of animals, and outdoor in all weather conditions.
· Bio-security is maintained thru multiple showers and clothes changes per day.
· Exposure to animal or poultry dander, animal waste and odor, and other to potential allergens.

How to apply:

Please apply online by clicking HERE.

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